A few featured commercial/industrial projects.


Indoor Cycling, Yoga and Dance Studios.
Sound Designer.  Project Manager.
Sanlitun & Guomao Shopping Centers, Beijing, and Taikoo Hui Mall, Shanghai, China (3 locations so far)
Feb 2016- present


Showing the control surface to founder/owner Matthew Allison and master trainer Shay Kostabi. (photo: Jesse DeYoung)

Lights, Video, Sound + control system
by 3LD Arts & Technology Center.
Acoustic Consultation, Sound Design, Project Management for 3LD
by Marcelo Añez.

Yoga/Barre room

Two separate sound systems, one for music, and one for voice, allowed for the teacher to be heard over the loud dance club-like volume.

Yoga/Barre room

Space Cycle entrance/lobby area

Staff training for the teacher video & lights control system

3LD was in charge of designing the user experience in the indoor cycling, and yoga rooms.  It's a combination of lights, video and sound, plus a control surface that gives the class instructor all the control over the experience. The result is a cycling room that pumps you up to work out in a fun environment that feels like a dance club, all controlled by the teacher who is riding a bike, too.  The yoga room, used also for barre classes (a form of ballet and modern dance high energy workout) has a toned down version of the video, lights, and sound, also controlled by the teacher, from a tablet device.

Acoustic isolation and conditioning was crucial in the design, since the 2 studios, cycling and yoga, are literally next to each other, separated by a single wall.  But one room feels like a loud party, while the other might be in a peaceful meditation.  I collaborated with the architects and construction teams to design an isolation system that was adequate for this type of use.

MANUS X MACHINA: Fashion in an Age of Technology 

A Met Museum Costume Institute exhibit.  Part of the 2016 Met Gala event.
The Met Museum, NYC
May-Sept 2016
Curator:  Andrew Bolton
Video Design:  3LD Arts & Technology Center
Sound Design:  Marcelo Añez

The project's curator, Andrew Bolton, wanted to have Brian Eno's piece "An Ending (Ascent)" from the album project "Apollo", playing in the space.  Using The Met's own sound equipment, I designed a 36 speaker system that gave an incredibly even sound pressure throughout the entire space.  With Eno's smooth ambient music, the result was an enveloping, filling atmosphere that felt rich and present (without the need of loud volume), anywhere and everywhere in the exhibition.  One never felt far or near a speaker, instead, the music seemed to accompany you as you walked through the whole space.

Preparing the mounting brackets for the main hall speakers

We used a BSS Soundweb London sound system to control routing, EQ, processing, and to automate all the daily on/off and volume functions.

A view of the main center space and the translucent walls.

The New York Times Review of the exhibit.  May5th, 2016

The New York Times Review of the exhibit.  May5th, 2016

Mounting the brackets for the main space upstairs

The control room area for video and sound.  Located under the false floor in the center of the Lehman Atrium.

The perforated translucent material used for the temporary structure was also acoustically transparent, which contributed to the even distribution of sound in the main top floor.


Product launch runway event at Hongqiao Airport, Shanghai, China.
May 9th, 2014

Co-produced by: 
Bureau Betak
3LD Arts & Technology Center

Sound Designer:  Marcelo Añez 
for 3LD


An 89 speaker system (including 8 big subwoofers) for a 450ft wide video projection wall.  An acoustic design to treat the problematic acoustics of an airport hangar.  The result was a world class dance club sound system with an enveloping sound effect experience.  The Moët & Chandon all night helped.

One of nine speaker clusters for music playback.

Acoustic clouds for the speaker clusters.

Acoustic clouds for the stage area.

The entire flown system.  Speakers with acoustic clouds, plus lighting, video projectors and special effects drop machines.

PERFORMER  by Adam Frank 

An interactive art installation commissioned by the Times Square Alliance, NYC.
Anita's Way, Times Square, NYC
Oct-Nov 2011
(Re-mounted in May 2015 as part of the 'Colourful Crossings' festival, in Bankside, London, UK)
Artist:  Adam Frank
Programming:  Mark Scott
Sound Design:  Marcelo Añez

Anita's Way (bet 42nd & 43rd St)  Times Square, NYC. Oct 2011

A theater spotlight with a motion detection system.  When pedestrians cross the spotlight they are cheered by a large theater crowd.  The level of excitement of the crowd is determined by the actions and motions of the person under the spotlight.  

We made the point to add tons of variation to the sound, so it wouldn't feel repetitive even if activated over and over.  The vast variation we achieved came from a combination of computer programming, and a generous pool of different bits of sounds that could work together no matter how they were combined, so the computer had lots of material to work with.  It always felt like a fresh new cheer.  The best compliment for me came from a security guard who worked in that passageway and had to hear it everyday for weeks and weeks.  He approached me when we were taking down the gear at the end of the run, to tell me that it had been really fun for him to have that art piece there.  I loved hearing that it never got boring for him.

Bankside, London, UK.  May 2015