The main drive for me in these 3 decades of career as a sound engineer, has always been an intense passion for manipulating and controlling sound.

This is probably why I feel comfortable tackling so many different fields of sound engineering.  In sound design for theater and film, in the performing arts, music production, in audio post for video.  Working with large scale commercial projects, art installations, TV & radio ads, and ipad apps.  Whether I’m solving acoustic problems, working on a 5.1 surround mix, or building speaker systems out of unconventional odd materials, my career has been one big love affair with sound.

Even though my earliest memory with sound is discovering stereo music at age 7 while playing my parents Beatles albums, my passion turned into a career in 1986, when I started interning at the biggest theater in Venezuela.

I could separate my process into 3 chapters marked by the 3 cities I've lived in.  Caracas, Miami, and New York City.

1986-1991  Caracas, Venezuela.

The Teresa Carreño Theater was the center for the performing arts in Venezuela.  I was part of the audio and video team of this 2500 seat theater for the first years of my career.  Opera, ballet, philharmonic orchestras, that's where I learned how to record and amplify and control the acoustics of a space.

1991-2005  Miami, Florida.

After graduating at  Full Sail Center for the Recording Arts, in Orlando FL, in 1992, I spent 12 years working in the music industry in South Florida.   I started interning at Gloria Estefan's recording studio, and became part of the music production machinery of that city, that at the time was labeled as "The Latin Explosion".  This is where I received my first 3 Grammy Awards.

2005-Present Day.  New York City.

Now living in NYC, I have opened up to new fields.  For the past 11 years I've been freelancing doing theater sound design, audio post for film and video, commercial and industrial projects, collaborating in art installations, music recording and mixing, and other odd projects that this amazing city throws at me.  I love this diverse exploration, because to me it has always been about this great fascination for sound.  No matter where it comes from.