A small selection of theater sound design work.

DOOMOCRACY  by Pedro Reyes

Wooden Statue designed by Pedro Reyes.

Brooklyn Army Terminal, NYC
Oct-Nov 2016

Shashwat Gupta, climate change time machine operator.

Produced by Creative Time
Directed by Meghan Finn
Written by Paul Hufker
Sound Design by Marcelo Añez
Additional design credits here

Carolina Do, Artisanal Air salesperson.

"An art-installation house of horrors inspired by climate change, gun control, and Donald Trump."

Over 13 different ambients with 2-3 min performances and experiences, laid out in the style of a haunted house.  We took over 3 complete floors of the Brooklyn Army Terminal annex building, with a cast of 30 actors (cast list here).

The NEWYORKER.COM made a cool video of the show.

Marjorie Conn, voting poll receptionist.

The sound system consisted of 60 speakers and sub woofers, scattered around the 13 rooms and spaces, controlled by 4 computers running multiple QLab sessions, plus 4 additional ipods running sounds infinite loops.  Several live microphones, a prop gun, an old hammond organ and a vinyl record player were also used.


The logistics of running those 13 scenes was complicated, and a traditional booth and operator wasn't feasible in many cases. So some scenes had infinite sound loops, some needed a control booth operator running the sound cues.  But for a couple of scenes, I set up ipod touch controllers for the actors, so they could activate their own sound cues while they performed.


Pedro Reyes, artist and creator of Doomocracy.

Teach, Teacher, Teachest


Photo by Matthew Dunivan

A play produced by One-Eighth Theater Co.
Directed by Daniel Irizarry.  
Written by David Koteles.  
(Inspired by The Lesson by Eugene Ionesco)

At INTAR Theater, NYC
Sept-Oct 2014 (currently running)

Sound Design by Marcelo Añez

New York Times Review



A play produced by One-Eighth Theater Co.
Directed by Daniel Irizarry.  
Written by Adam Szymkowicz.  
(Inspired by Ubu Roi by Alfred Jarry)

At INTAR Theater, NYC
Sept-Oct 2013

Sound Design by Marcelo Añez

TimeOut NY Review



Produced by Blake McCarty, Sharon Counts & Michael Counts
in partnership with 3-Legged Dog

Conceived by Blake McCarty
Directed and Designed by Michael Counts

At Fatbaby Bar, Lower East Side, NYC
June - Nov 2014 (currently running) 

Sound designed by Marcelo Añez

TimeOut NY Review 



A multimedia video collage/live action performance of Dicken's classic A Christmas Carol 
Conceived and Directed by Reid Farrington

At Abrons Arts Center, NYC
December 2011
December 2012

Sound Design by Marcelo Añez



A New Georges Production
Directed by Kara-Lynn Vaeni
Written by Kara Lee Corthron

At The Irondale Theater, Brooklyn
Oct-Nov 2012

Sound Design by Marcelo Añez


by Marielle Heller
directed by Sarah Cameron Sunde & Rachel Eckerling

At 3LD Arts & Technology Center, NYC 
March-April 2010

A complex 17 speaker audio system described in 2 of my blog posts at www.WrappingCables.com

New York Times Review

One of the two sound stations.  This one controlled the mic mix.  Another station offstage controlled the music & sound effects.



Written and Directed by Elyse Singer
At 3LD Arts & Technology Center, NYC 
June 2008

Sound Design by Marcelo Añez

The musical score in this play was performed by a mechanical orchestra of 9 player pianos and around 30 motorized robotic percussion instruments.  Then a 10 speaker sound system handled pre recorded music, sound effects and the sound reinforcement of the actor’s voices.